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Travel & Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality Today’s connected travelers are empowered and they view the travel experience holistically. They demand high quality digital and mobile experiences, competitive pricing across the value chain and expect to be recognized and responded to in real time according to their preferences or concerns. Astrizon delivers digital transformation and technology solutions and services

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Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and Logistics The transportation and logistics industry has traditionally been defined by HGVs and infrastructure, but over the past few years, technology has commenced to change that. The use of mobile computers, GPS solutions, electronic tolling, and electronic vehicle logs have reformed logistics. Other new technologies are poised to have just as a bigger

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Retail Meet Challenges Head-On with Success-Enabling Systems from AstrizonThe retail industry is undergoing historic change due to advancing technology and evolving consumer behaviors and preferences. As a retailer, you are challenged to keep up with your ever-changing industry — while operating a profitable business. Astrizon can equip you with the tools you need to address

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Energy (Oil & Gas) Astrizon offers flexible solutions for the energy industry that help ensure field service optimization and greater productivity. The energy industry faces unique challenges. Public utilities, oil and gas companies, distributors, and other stakeholders must maintain and monitor widely distributed assets in often harsh environmental conditions including requirements for intrinsically safe equipment.

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Manufacturing Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to produce and deliver goods more quickly and at a lower cost than ever before and to react to changes in demand flexibly and rapidly. Mobility in manufacturing can play a key role in enabling that speed and flexibility by providing real-time data on inventory and work-in-process status on

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Insurance Astrizon delivers a seamless insurance sales and service journey for our clients by leveraging robust and elastic IT infrastructure (application and Infra) and automation (Cognitive and Robotic). With our breadth of experience serving global insurance and re-insurance companies in sales and distribution, new business and underwriting, policy administration, claims, billing, accounting, risk and compliance,

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Healthcare Save Time, Increase Productivity and Provide a Higher Level of CarePatient care is priority number one for your healthcare organization or pharmacy, and you provide excellent care while fighting to contain costs and comply with industry and federal regulations. Choosing to partner with Astrizon to deploy healthcare mobility and data collection solutions can help

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Education Education is at a turning point where revolution has become essential to meet the expectations of today’s students. Due to improvement in access to digital education and an explosion of programs offered by low-cost MOOCs, universities and colleges face competitive pressure to stay relevant. Astrizon offers rich experience in bespoke digital and technology solutions

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