Top 5 Plugins for Artificial Intelligence in WordPress and how to Use Machine Learning with WordPress

Artificial intelligence is used in almost all of the devices we rely on to automate laborious chores. Once we understand how they function and put them to use in our daily lives, however, we frequently argue that they are not “intelligent,” but only calculating tools.

Artificial intelligence is now widely used in the software development process as a marker of success and a means of creating cutting-edge new functions. This post will discuss the top artificial intelligence (AI) plugins for WordPress.

What role does AI play in WordPress?

Machines that exhibit behaviour consistent with human intellect are said to have proven artificial intelligence (AI). The term “artificial intelligence” (AI) is used to describe a wide range of computer-based processes that simulate human cognition and behaviour, such as the application of rules and logic to the making of decisions and the enhancement of performance via the analysis (machine learning – ML).

In terms of WordPress, AI enhances a variety of administrative procedures, automates labor-intensive tasks, and modifies content to better meet the needs of site users and search engines. Plugins driven by artificial intelligence are gaining popularity as a means to improve site speed, intelligence, and usability.

Artificial intelligence plugins’ primary uses include:

GetGenie is an AI writing helper designed to hasten the production of unique, high-quality blog entries. In terms of guiding frameworks, this handy writing app provides many examples in AIDA, BAB, and PAS, among others. You may see your on-page SEO score and get helpful tips for making your site more search engine friendly right now.

GetGenie core features:

Automattic, a respectable WordPress development firm, created Akismet to filter out spam comments before they are ever approved. There are already more than five million active installations of this utility, and it has been shown to be very efficient against spam bots.

Using machine learning techniques, Akismet is able to continuously enhance its performance after being installed on a WordPress site. Website administrators may evaluate Akismet-caught comments and highlight spam comments that evaded the filtering system, helping Akismet improve.

Akismet core features:

SEOPress is a plugin for WordPress that provides a user-friendly interface for doing on-page and off-page SEO on any site’s pages and custom post types. SEOPress is unique among SEO plugins in that it can work with OpenAI. To create SEO metadata (meta titles and descriptions) from post content, this function use AI. Since it can be performed in masse, it is ideal for optimising large websites with hundreds of pages.

The plugin’s creators want to increase the plugin’s reliance on AI; as a result, we should see some further uses of AI to enhance SEO in future releases of SEOPress.

SEOPress core features:

In recent times, Jordi Meaw’s AI Engine plugin has become more popular. Users have praised the plugin’s originality and its seamless integration of AI with WordPress, and after 2000+ active installs on, it has solely received 5-star evaluations.

In order to use AI Engine, you must generate an OpenAI key and enter it into the plugin’s configuration. You may now implement cutting-edge OpenAI-powered features like a chatbot and content generator on your website.

Fundamentals of an AI Engine:

Use Link Whisper for the simplest method of making internal connections. While linking inside the site’s own content to other relevant pieces is something oft-overlooked, it might be crucial for boosting user engagement and search engine rankings. The plugin’s AI-powered engine reads the text of your website and makes contextual recommendations for you in a new box below the text. 

In addition, 404 errors and broken links may be reported in detail with the help of Link Whisper.

Link Whisper core features:


What is artificial intelligence?
Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to computer programmes that can learn to think and reason like humans.

What is machine learning?
A subfield of AI, machine learning (ML) is the study of how computers may learn from and apply certain types of data analysis to specific tasks.

Why use an artificial intelligence plugin for WordPress?
Artificial intelligence plugins are often used to develop various types of virtual helpers, text-to-speech readers, spam filters, and SEO automation tools.

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