What is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is an outbound calling system that allows you to bulk-dial from a list of contact numbers. While automating the outbound process, a predictive dialer filters busy signals, voicemail, no answers, and disconnected numbers to connect the agent only when someone answers the call on the other end. The predictive dialer uses advanced algorithms to get the exact time that an agent should be wrapping up a call and only then bulk dials other numbers. The main advantage of using predictive dialers is one can cut down manual dialing time to increase agent efficiency.


Who should use a Predictive Dialer Solution?​

Predictive dialers are routinely used in telemarketing, market research, debt collection, and customer service follow-ups where they help to organize and manage the client database and systematically dial out clients for the above mentioned use cases. Additionally, a predictive dialer also helps to intelligently assign calls to available lead qualification agents to allow them to maximize the amount of time they can spend on the phone with leads during outbound sales prospecting.
Benefits of a Predictive Dialer Software
Smart Dialing

Adjust Dialing based on available Agents

More Call Connects

Reach ~75% Call Connect rates

Boost Agent Productivity

Reduce agent idle time for maximum utilization

High ROI

Achieve 95% Call Coverage and increase sales conversions

Contextual Reach out

CRM & CTI integrations to dial with context

Intelligently Assign Calls

Use your preset parameters and predictive dialing algorithms to determine and automate call assignment based on factors such as the number of available agents, the number of operational lines, and the average time an agent spends on a call.

Increase Call Connects to 75%~

Many businesses struggle to achieve a 40%~ connect rate. Ameyo’s predictive dialer software learns from historical data to tweak the dialing algorithm after taking into account agents that are available. Thus, eliminating the need for human intervention while increasing call connects significantly.

Maximize Agent Productivity

Dial more calls in less time with a predictive dialer. At the same time, intelligently pace outbound calls and filter out unproductive calls such as answering machines or busy tone to ensure high call connects and reducing agent idle time.

Increase Sales Conversions

Lead prioritization, knowing the best time to call, timely followups, contextual conversations, configurable workflows – all of these are means to achieve the end i.e. gaining more customers while increasing the agents’ productivity.

Let the Agents have Contextual Conversations

Vary the pacing ratio along with lead prioritization help the agents qualify the leads better. Additionally, allow the agents to view customer data like past purchases, existing portfolios, pending orders, etc using CRM and CTI integration. Having this information increases the conversion rate by letting the agents have personalized and contextual conversations.

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