Additional IP Telephony Services

We The significant VoIP initiatives by leading telecom carriers and cable companies have pushed IP telephony into mainstream of business. Astrizon boasts of having a mix of great individuals who have excelled in their fields of interest.

Astrizon team consists of highly skilled and experienced developers. Our Asterisk experts have always been successful in delivering solutions that have outpaced client’s Requirement.

Furthermore, we provide support and services for open source solutions. Apart from this we could also offer installation and configuration of Vicidial, FreePBX, TrixBox, Ivr, Elastix, Trixbox, Astercrm, Freeswitch, A2Billing, etc…

IPBX Solutions

IP PBX stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange. IP PBX is a telephone system that is designed for delivery of the information including voice, video, etc over the network. IP PBX has become a real breakthrough in the up-to-the-minute technologies as it allows transferring various types of data. IP PBX is especially useful for business enterprises that need to maintain continuous contact with customer and affiliates that may be far away. IP PBX is the way to observe your business throughout the world.

It’s the ability to make free calls that makes IP PBX so dominant today. International phone calls are becoming much inexpensive nowadays but the considerable part of expenses that business companies have goes to cover the cost of international and long distance calls. IP PBX offers a cheap telecommunication service that lets you stay connected with people on the other part of the world. Since IP PBX technologies were introduced hundreds of companies have managed to cut down their expenses and have become more profitable.

The main requirement of IP PBX is the availability of broadband internet connection. IP PBX is very efficient both in technology and in cost. Telecom companies offer a lot of IP PBX solutions therefore customers can adjust IP PBX to their needs.

IP PBX is based on standard PBX but IP PBX offers much advanced functioning.

Click 2 connect

Astrizon offers an extensive range of click 2 connect and related technologies implemented by a variety of unique software solutions. Astrizon Technologies is the one of the very few providers offering both client (desktop and web) and server side solutions to accomplish click 2 connect in all possible ways.

The Astrizon Technologies VoIP server and all our VoIP clients support “click 2 connect” practice in many ways. Click-2-connect is a service which lets users click a button and immediately speak with a customer service representative or interconnect two or more telephone lines. The call can either be passed over VoIP, or the customer may request an immediate call back by entering their phone number. One significant benefit to click-2-connect providers is that it allows companies to monitor when online visitors change from the website to a phone sales channel. Click 2 connect is the solution for all website holders that like to offer a free phone call to their potential customers.

The advantage over other proprietary solutions is that these are true VoIP calls that will work with any phones (voip terminals, softphones, your mobile or landline number) through any telecom service provider. For example, you can receive the incoming calls on your VoIP phone or softphone (free calls) and if you are away, then the call can be automatically forwarded to your mobile number.

Broadcast Voice​

The Astrizon Technologies provides an automated mass dialing solution where hundreds, or thousands of numbers are simultaneously dialed, and an automated connection to an IVR occurs when answered by a person.

For more complex solutions, where the IVR needs to transfer calls to a Live Agent, rather than dialing a fixed number of outbound lines the system can be told how many Live Agents are available and it decides how many numbers to dial based on how many Live Agents are busy. There is a further option for these Agents to log into the system, which means that the system knows exactly how many agents are available and whether they are ready to take calls. Using this latter mode there is no need to manually adjust the dialing rate on the Broadcast dialer at all.

In all cases, the operation of the campaign can be monitored live from a web interface. This shows how many lines are being dialed and what the results of previous calls have been. It also shows how many calls are in progress to Live Agents in cases where Live Agents are used.

Broadcast SMS

If you are in marketing, sales or just have a lot of friends then you need this on your android device.

SMS Broadcaster is a software which permits you to send/broadcast SMS messages to a list of phone numbers. You can type in the SMS Message and SMS Broadcaster will read in a list of phone number from a file on the root of your SD card and broadcast your message to everyone in the file.

This is a lot faster than do it one by one. Especially, it is very useful when you want to send group SMS to your hundreds or thousands friends or clients. It is an effective tool to improve your efficiency and save your time. You put a file named numbers.txt with your numbers on the root of your SD card using the USB cable, Bluetooth, email or a File Manger then you type in your message and click two buttons and SMS Broadcaster will do everything else.

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