Healthcare BPO Services

Medical Data Entry
The wave of digitization has taken over all industries and business spheres. With this, it has become essential for hospitals to adopt digital facilities. To store a large volume of data in a convenient manner, digitization is important. The main idea behind adopting digitization is:
• Ease of access
• Retrieval of clinical information.
• Medical data entry Services consists of:
• Treatments
• Patient’s details
• Chart details
• Insurance plans
• Claims data
• Billing
Besides these, several other records of the patient and their specific medical condition are stored. With a large amount of data, it can get cumbersome to process the medical data into a digital format. Hence, taking help from an outsourcing service provider is sure to prove beneficial.

Astrizon’s Difference
Astrizon offers digitally accessible data that helps to streamline operations. With this, we render better and efficient service. Our focused and motivated team works to ensure a high level of operational efficiency. Along with this, we proffer scaling new heights on the business front. We employ our skills towards ensuring efficient medical data entry service. We provide effective data management services for your business. We have also served in clinics, healthcare companies, doctors, and related sectors. While you work on operational excellence, we, being a renowned Medical Data Entry Company, empower your business.

Medical Billing Services
Healthcare companies have plenty of medical jobs to cater to. The medical tasks encompass taking care of the billing process, maintaining long term operations, ensuring sustained and focused collection process, and optimizing patient data. Handling all medical billing service-related tasks can get a bit heavy for the in-house medical service provider to handle hence, outsourcing the task would be the right decision. We are a renowned medical billing outsourcing company extending its services to businesses of all mass and size.

Astrizon’s Difference
Astrizon streamlines the hefty task of the collection which helps overcome reimbursements, collection processes, minimizing the cost of operations and increasing efficiency delivered by the system. We adeptly satisfy and comply with all HIPAA requirements. We have a proficient team that handles medical billing outsourcing and all the other medical BPO services. We act as a part of your company working distantly to offer you the best service. The abounding years of experience have earned us the name amongst the top medical billing companies and prestige of a reliable and trusted outsourcing agent for the task.

Medical Collection Services
Unpaid medical debt is reaching epidemic proportions as Corona pandemic. Every healthcare organization needs adept management of the patient’s outstanding bill amount. Medical collection service is the topmost services in-demand in the healthcare sector. Every healthcare service facility is looking for a trusted partner to outsource medical collection process. Unpaid bills can pose trouble in the medical healthcare collection front. If we go by surveys, health companies lose about 10-15% revenue every year due to debts incurred on them. This cost heavy on the business. Steady cash flow is critical to the success of your healthcare industry. A medical collection agency handles the work that an in-house team is not able to handle efficiently. Outsourcing medical bill debt collection service is beneficial for the healthcare industry. Our medical debt collection solutions provide maximum collection results and enhance customer experience and reducing the cost of collection.

Astrizon’s Difference
Astrizon holds expertise in handling medical billing and collection and healthcare debt collection service. We obtain payments for the debts owed by businesses or individuals. We are one of the most trusted medical debt collection companies globally. We strive to build a focused and streamlined medical collection strategy. This will enhance the collection, cut costs, save time and enhance resources procuring. We work on No Win No Fee policy.
We are HIPAA Compliance Company. The transparency offered by the medical billing collection service ensures smooth execution. Our latest software and well-equipped human resource solutions deliver error-free results. With our medical billing collection services, we deliver proficiency and the best facilities. We are a trusted medical collection agency in medical debt collection and earned a reputation of highest 90% collection rates in the industry. With a team of professional medical collection agents that help healthcare and medical companies to recover debts faster and ethically.

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