Call Center Services

Inbound Call Center Services
An inbound call center is equipped to provide support, sales, services, and in general answer queries of customers over the phone. The competitive world of modern-day amalgamates the quality of inbound calling with customer satisfaction. The better help you offer your customers, the more are the chances of you converting them into revenue-generating customers with utmost customer satisfaction. The challenge faced with an inbound call center services is maintaining it efficiently. The cost of hiring a specialized staff along with maintaining an infrastructure to well equip all the necessities is quite high. Since not every business can employ state-of-the-art infrastructure for the task, it is wise to outsource inbound contact center service to a service matter expert. Astrizon is here to help!

Astrizon’s Difference
We have been providing inbound call center outsourcing to different industries like banking and financial, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, travel and hospitality, automotive, energy utilities, logistics, publishing, retail and consumer, telecommunication and much more. We are one of the trusted inbound call center services providers to leading companies in the world. Our inbound call center solutions have already helped companies to stay head in competition. Hire our exceptional and result oriented inbound call center services for USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, India and other part of the globe.

Outbound Call Center Services
An outbound call center comprises of a group of call center agents which make outgoing calls to existing as well as potential customers. High-quality and efficient outbound call center services are commanding for the business. It is with the help of outbound calls that successful sales calls, customer service, and execution of marketing research surveys and analysis are handled well. Keeping track of the business happenings and ensuring effective business operations are the essential drivers for marketing success. Though essential, it is undeniable that the cost of setup can be formidable for business, hence outbound call center outsourcing would be the correct option.

Astrizon’s Difference
Astrizon is offering its outbound call center outsourcing services to different industries like automotive, insurance, energy utilities, healthcare, banking and financial, manufacturing, travel and hospitality, logistics, publishing, retail and consumer, telecommunication and much more. We are one of the leading outbound call center companies in the business. We have a great experience in providing outbound call center outsourcing services to clients from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, India and other region.

Order Management Services
Order Management is an essential part of the business and supply chain management. As important as it is for a business to procure new customers, it is imperative for the business to efficiently fulfill and process the existing customers’ orders swiftly. Businesses’ sales consist of an essential process which is known as order management services. The online business is well-equipped with plenty of options offering swift as well as efficient order processing service that ensures better sales. With the fast-growing and fast pace of the business world, there has been a significant rise in the number of orders, delivery channels and supply chains globally.
To have efficient order management services you need experts and experienced team, that at times is difficult to manage by in-house team. Outsourcing order management services essentially helps ease the task of managing the database of orders processed, ceased and missed. When a businesses’ approaches an Order management outsourcing service, the aim is to get rid of the pressure involved with managing the non-core task of order management.

Astrizon’s Difference
Astrizon employs expert professionals who are adept at handling the core task of order management. Order management outsourcing service company is well-versed with an efficient strategy which helps manage the entire procedure of order processing. Astrizon order management outsourcing services are inclusive of returning and refunding the amount to customers.
Astrizon employs expert professionals who are adept at handling the core task of order management. Order management outsourcing service company is well-versed with an efficient strategy which helps manage the entire procedure of order processing. Astrizon order management outsourcing services are inclusive of returning and refunding the amount to customers.
Outsource order processing services to enjoy hassle-free handling of task while you focus better on the core business services. We have been providing our order management services to B2C and B2B companies in countries like USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, Japan, India and other part of the globe.

Telemarketing Services
Telemarketing is one of the most popular and dynamic marketing strategies. This direct approach can be called word of mouth technique that helps spread the word pertaining to the product or services to the target audience. Telemarketing services act as an extension of your business which helps generate interest in the potential customers about new launches, products, and services. Efficient telemarketing services helps in boosting sales and business. Handling telemarketing services need expertise and at times difficult to handle in-house. This is why most of the companies have resorted to a better alternative and that is investing in telemarketing outsourcing services.

Astrizon’s Difference
Outsourcing the task of telemarketing services to Astrizon is sure to prove beneficial. In-store strategic plans are devised carefully so that you gain a competitive edge in the marketing landscape. Our robust inbound telemarketing services ensure that we provide you the audience for your product. We employ efficient and best services to help you scale up your products and services more effectively.
Astrizon has a vast experience, our hands-on experience, satisfied clientele base, and returning customers are a clear testimonial of our optimal outbound telemarketing services. We have a wide range of telemarketing services that include inbound customer support, inbound sales, lead generation, outbound research & telemarketing services. We aim to outsource finest telemarketing services to our customers. With a team of proficient professionals, we make sure that only the best services are delivered to our clients. Outsource B2C & B2B telemarketing services with us to promote your services or maximize the sale of your products.

Customer Care Services

A brand’s credibility is measured by the count of its satisfied customers. It is brand’s prime responsibility to improve customer care effectiveness and help companies minimize the overhead cost and enhance the customer satisfactions. It is significantly important to offer a support service to customers to avert any inconvenience the customers may face.
The task of comprehensive customer care support is not always possible to be managed in-house. Therefore, one must outsource this hefty task to a professional customer care outsourcing companies. Customer care outsourcing helps you focus on your business and enhances the relationship between the customers and the brand.

Astrizon’s Difference
Astrizon offers a wide and extensive range of customer care outsourcing service solution which is efficient and effective for company’s smooth business operations. We have due diligent team employed to handle your business tasks well. We understand that a customer is prime important to business hence, our team works to the best of their capability to ensure high-level customer interaction and satisfaction.
We are leading outsource customer service companies providing customer care to companies globally. Our outsourced customer care services involve state-of-the-art technology and the latest updated technology. The medium of channels we use consist of chat, email, web, and fax support, it is inclusive of sales, marketing and service. By implementing the finest customer care outsourcing services, we aim at maintaining a better relationship between business and customers.

Email Support Services
Email support services are essential to handle all the technical issues and other important operational tasks. Email saves are a great amount of time and manpower, by sending across issues and resolutions or follow ups on mails. All the troubleshooting process or client’s guideline instructions can be sent over mail with ease. It is imperative that the email support service for any business is strong and prompt, since businesses take important decision on basis of the emails. They are even necessary for internal communication of the business. Hence, businesses look to outsource email support services to an expert company.
Business can save time and money by using email services for marketing and sales and even support and services to clients globally. With effective email support services businesses can reach out important goals and make business more profitable.

Astrizon’s Difference
Astrizon’s customer email support service offers quick fix and accurate solutions with standard and highly reliable procedure. The time-based responses which are prompt and support all technical issues, which are a must for any business to handle the tasks effectively. We have an expert in-house team that knows how to handle the emails services efficiently. By Outsourcing email support services to us, you can be sure that the balance load is handled well with peak and off-peak periods.
Astrizon is providing email support services to startups, mid-size and large size companies from different industries companies around the globe. We have been providing email support services for more than 20+ years with an expert team of professionals. We are helping companies in delivering exceptional email support service by understand the email accurately and replying them in most efficient manner for better customer support.

Chat Support Services
Chat support services are a boon that helps companies and organizations manage their customers better by imparting them an online platform for support, grievances, and any other related issue to the core task. Chat support service is an effective communication channel that aids as a prominent support tool. With the help of live chat support outsourcing service, the business marketing conversion rate of prospect leads into revenue-generating customers is increased. No heavy initial investment or high operational expenses are administered on the business.
In a digital age online chat support services are a must have tool for your business to stay head of your competitors. It saves company money and time as chat agents can serve more clients rather than on any other medium like phone or email. Live chat is convenient for customers as it connects customer instantly with an agent and get immediate and inter active response. In addition, chat support services help agents to know the customer better and provide better sales and service support with increased efficiency.

Astrizon’s Difference
Astrizon holds an abounding experience. The cost-effective rates of chat support service along with a due diligent team who understands the work process and works to their full potential to offer customer satisfaction. Max BPO’s efficient online chat support outsourcing service executives help the visitors find the right product and service they are looking for. The learned and qualified staff ensures that the visitors are converted into revenue-generating buyers.
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Customer Retention Services
Companies strive to gain new customers with the help of customer acquisition and ensure the existing customers are retained with the help of customer retention, this combined together is known as customer acquisition and retention. The acquisition can be a typical process which requires marketing excellence to help turn potential customers into revenue-generating identities. It is in hopes of the customer adding value & enhancing the overall profit numbers of the company that businesses Outsource customer acquisition services. Customer retention refers to ensuring that once a customer connects with you, the person doesn’t lose faith in your business. When it is time for you to outsource customer acquisition services you must use the right tactics that help you save both time as well as money. To save you from experimenting & losing valuable time trying out different things, customer acquisition outsourcing services by Astrizon is sure to help you.

Astrizon’s Difference
Customer acquisition isn’t as simple as it appears to be. This task requires an experienced and professional task force who are adept at handling their specific task. Astrizon offers an in-house team of experts who work on the latest technology & work on specialized tools & infrastructure to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. When you Outsource Customer Acquisition & Retention Services to us you will have the best results for your business. We have a clear idea of how exclusive sales & customer acquisition outsourcing service is, this makes us the right candidates to handle your businesses’ acquisition & retention task, & how a conversation can turn the tables. Hence, our team which boasts of higher conversion rates with smooth conversation ensures meaningful personal interaction with customers. We access to the latest technology with digitally advanced tools & interactive CRM systems which help increase the efficiency of customer acquisition & retention outsourcing services.

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