Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to produce and deliver goods more quickly and at a lower cost than ever before and to react to changes in demand flexibly and rapidly. Mobility in manufacturing can play a key role in enabling that speed and flexibility by providing real-time data on inventory and work-in-process status on the factory floor and at the dock door. Astrizon provides mobility solutions that help manufacturers stay competitive by ensuring accurate inventory, faster deliveries, and lower costs.

Materials Management

Just-in-time manufacturing processes require rapid inventory replenishment and a high level of visibility. Astrizon offers mobility, barcoding, RFID, and wireless LAN technology that — when combined with industry-leading applications from our software team and our partners — can provide the real-time visibility and automation needed to control raw materials in the modern factory.

Quality Management

Manufacturers have experienced a record number of recalls in recent years, and operate under increased consumer and regulatory scrutiny. Astrizon’s automated data collection and wireless communication solutions can help manufacturers track and trace by lot or batch the parts and materials used across the manufacturing process in order to ensure quality.  Industrial IoT technologies also allow tracking temperature and other environmental elements to ensure freshness for food and safety for hazardous materials.

Inventory Control

As product lifecycles accelerate, the cost of holding inventory has increased. Using mobile computers, barcode labels, and other data collection technologies, Astrizon can help you improve inventory management practices, reduce obsolescence, improve inventory turns, eliminate waste in the supply chain.


Compliance Labeling

Product, packaging and shipping labels are a key component in the supply chain. Manufacturers often have to manage multiple types of labels to meet both customer requirements and regulatory requirements for specific industries. Astrizon can help you determine the right label and adhesive mix to ensure your barcode labels can withstand your factory environment; deploy and install industrial-grade barcode printers and applicators; and software from our partners that will help you design and manage a variety of standard and custom compliance labels while fully integrating with your existing ERP and business solutions.

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