Education is at a turning point where revolution has become essential to meet the expectations of today’s students. Due to improvement in access to digital education and an explosion of programs offered by low-cost MOOCs, universities and colleges face competitive pressure to stay relevant.

Astrizon offers rich experience in bespoke digital and technology solutions that allow higher-educational institutions to deliver rich, broad and adaptive experiences to students, faculty and university staff. Our team of consultants are working with some of the biggest and most reputed universities globally to make higher education more effective and drive better outcomes.

Higher education for new student

Our student lifecycle solutions combine the expertise of Artificial Intelligence, analytics and immersive technologies to provide a better student experience across all aspects of the student journey, including admissions, onboarding, learning, assessments, e-credentialing and reporting.

Digital Assurance

Our education enablement solution transforms the student journey—via the combined offerings of marketing and ad operations, content operations and analytics—to reduce cost per student acquisition and shrink program break-even investments for the institution. We also partner with institutions and enterprises to co-create platforms and pathways that equip students with the digital skills needed for an employable workforce of the future.

IT Infrastructure

We provide a host of infrastructure services that help improve learning outcomes, support decision-making and enhance institutional effectiveness while controlling costs. Our IT infrastructure services include implementation, modernization, cloud migration, enterprise applications maintenance and infrastructure consolidation. We also offer portfolio analysis and optimization.

Education Publishing

Digital disruption has a deep impact on the education publishing sector as it transitions from book publishing to platform enablement. We develop student-centric solutions that enable this move, including learning platform development, content migration, accessibility and solutions for delivering learning effectively across multiple devices.


Our video and immersive solutions team can provide a clear vision for your video strategy to deliver new education experiences, then take it from conception to completion in record time.
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